Hawaii - 2/5 - Honolulu

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The following pictures will show you some friends we met in our Hawaii vacation.

We had so much fun and such a great time together!


Aya and Ju in Zürich shortly before departing to Dallas.


Aya, Micheal, Sonoko, Benjamin and Stephany


Erina and Patrick after 5 years together again in Hawaii.


Aya, Erina, Naoko and the cute Chris.


Aya, Gigi (our teacher in Hawaii 2000) and Patrick.


Matt, Pattie, Markus and Patrick


Amber, Aya and Tui


Matt, Patrick, Pattie and Aya


Pattie with Patrick


Liz (also a teacher of us in Hawaii 2000) with her 3 kids and Aya.


Tui, Aya, Pattie, Taylor, Mizue and Tom at the grill party.



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