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Because this Island is the biggest of all Hawaiian Islands, it is called Big Island. This island with its volcanos is still active. You can see the flowing lava and the steam from the point, the lava flows into the ocean.

The way around the Island looks like flat, but the two montains Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa are higher than 4000m. In winter you can even see the sunny beach and snow on the two mountains at the same time.

Big Island gallery


Kilauea Caldera

On Big Island you can see an alive volcano. There are many exciting points such as Lava Tube, huge caldera and flowing Lava!


Black Sand Beach

This beach is really black. It's beautiful because each piece of sand reflect the sunlight.

On Big Island there are many other beaches which have white sand or even green one.


South Point

This is the southern most point of the United States. Having been there is somehow cool.


Drive around the island

In one day to drive around the Island is a bit difficult because of its size. If you want to see most of the sightseeing points you better take at least two to three days. If you drive a while you can feel why the Big Island is called "Big Island".



Random Pictures of Big Island


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