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Cusco (3360m) was the capital of Inca until 16th century. This city was founded again by the order of Spaniard Francisco Pizarro on the basement of Inca buildings. There are many sacred places and important archaeological monuments around Cusco, so many thing to see!

City Photo Gallery

Other archaeological monuments Photo Gallery


Inca foundation in Cusco

The foundation of this city is just great. It didn't move even with big earthquake which destroyed most of new buildings on this foundation.


The Church and Convent of Santo Domingo

The church was build over the Inca's temple of sun, Korinkancha, which was covered with gold once. The temple is made with stones accurately, so even a razor doesn't go through between stone and stone.

Sacsayhuaman's Fortress

Once it was the temple of thunder. In the Inca era Inca used it as a fortress. 360m wide, 36 entrances, 36 drains...


One big rock was for ceremony. There is a place for sacrifice in the rock.


The Inca Bath which is for king and was built to worship the water. There is a legend, the person who drank this water will live long...

Puca Pucara

Here is called Red Fort.

Market in Pisac

Sacred valley Urubamba



Random Pictures of Cusco


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