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If you want to see a beautiful town in Switzerland, you shouldn't miss Luzern. It isn't so big, so you can walk through it well. You will see the wooden bridge, small streets, the lake, churches, and frescoed buildings.

Besides it's also nice to go to some observatories to look down the lake and town.

 Photo Gallery


Kapell bridge

This is the most famous point in Luzern. The bridge is wooden, so it makes good sound when you walk on it. And you will see 110 painting under the roof, but many were damaged by fire in 1994.

In sommer the bridge is decorated with flowers and it is so beautiful.


Old city squares

The other side of the bridge from the station, there is a old city squares. There are restaurants along the river, many beautiful frescoed buildings,  and narrow streets. There is another wooden bridge (Spreuer bridge) to come back station side. This is also beautiful.


Jesuit church - Hof church

Jesuit church is near the station. The Baroque outlooking is good, and the inside is so gorgeous with light pink and white wall.

The other is Hof church which is main cathedral for the city. It has two tower, so it's easy to find and good to see. It is famous with the old organ.

Jesuiten church homepage


Lion monument - Glacier garden

They are near Hof church and good sightseeing point. Lion monument is carved out of natural rock, and shows the memory of the heroic deaths of the Swiss mercenaries.

In the Glacier garden you can see the marks of the glacier in Luzern in the ice age. There are also a museum about old swiss living styles and houses.


Bourbaki Panorama

A huge 360 panorama painting

Bourbaki homepage


Vierwaldstaetter lake

It's good to look at, but why don't you take a ship ride? You can go with a ship and come back with a train, too.



Observatories which you can go easily from Luzern are Rigi and Pilatus. There are ways to get there with ships,  trains and ropeways. It's beautiful to see the lake from them. Information of Pilatus is here.


Luzern Tourismus

Glacier Garden

Vierwaldstaetter lake

Random Pictures of Luzern


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