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Valle Verzasca

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Valle Verzasca means Valley of Verzasca. Verzasca is the River's name. It's a vally between 2000m mountains, and there are houses made with granit stones and the beautiful colored river. The water is very cold even in sommer and on many points there is strong current, so it's dengerous to swim.

This vally is around 25km long til the village Sonogno.

You can walk in the villages which keep old traditional style, or even go scuba diving and bungee jumping.

Photo Gallery



Vogorno dam

This dam is one of the highest in Europe (220m). You can feel how high it is if you go on it. And if it isn't enough, you can also try bungee jumping. The scene of jumping in the movie "007 Golden Eyes" was taken here.


Village Corippo

The time doesn't flow away in this village... You might feel so. It is a small village up to the mountain. The houses and streets are made with stones and only stones.

Verzasca river

The color of the river is unbelievable and so clear. It's so beautiful to look at. If you want to go to the water, you need to be careful because the water is so cold and has strong current. Besides it's slippery on the stones. Watch your steps!


Ponte dei Salti

This is a beautiful stone bridge in the village Lavartezzo. It was made in 17th century.

Village Sonogno

Here is the end of this valley.

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Random Pictures of Valle Verzasca


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